Ignacio Palacios. Professor of Management. Crescat Sciencia Vita Excolur

Research Papers

“The Economics of Bundling Advertising in Media Markets”
Joint with Kevin M. Murphy, February 2014.
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“Axiomatic Measures of Intellectual Influence”
Joint with Oscar Volij, January 2014.
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“Mapping Minimax in the Brain”
Joint with Sven Bestmann, Antonio Olivero, Jose Florensa, and Jose Apesteguia. In Beautiful Game Theory, Princeton University Press, 2014.
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“Measuring the Impact Factor of Agents within an Organization Using Communication Patterns”
Joint with Andrea Prat, January 2012.
Discussion Paper, 8040. Centre for Economic Policy Research, London, UK.
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“Tournaments, Fairness and the Prouhet-Thue-Morse Sequence”
Economic Inquiry, vol. 50(3), July 2012, pp. 848-849.
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“Cognitive Performance and Emotions”
Joint with Julio González-Díaz, December 2011.
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“Consumption and Portfolio Rules with Stochastic Hyperbolic Discounting”
Joint with Alonso Pérez-Kakabadse, December 2011.
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“Sabotage in Tournaments: Making the Beautiful Game a Bit Less Beautiful”
Joint with Luis Garicano.
In Beautiful Game Theory, Princeton University Press, forthcoming 2014.
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“Consumer Inertia, Choice Dependence and Learning from Experience in a Repeated Decision Problem”

Joint with Eugenio Miravete.
Review of Economics and Statistics, forthcoming 2014.

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“Psychological Pressure in Competitive Environments: Evidence from a Randomized Natural Experiment”
Joint with Jose Apesteguia.
American Economic Review, vol. 100(5), December 2010, pp. 2548-2564.
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“Field Centipedes”
Joint with Oscar Volij.
American Economic Review, vol. 99(4), September 2009, pp. 1619-1635.
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Pictures with Judit Polgar ( 1, 2) and Veselin Topalov ( 1, 2), #1 chess players in the World.
“Experientia Docet: Professionals Play Minimax in Laboratory Experiments”
Joint with Oscar Volij
Econometrica, vol. 76(1), January 2008, pp. 71-115
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“The Human Capital Premium Puzzle”
April 2006
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“Rejecting Small Gambles Under Expected Utility”
Joint with Roberto Serrano
Economics Letters, vol. 91(2), May 2006, pp. 250-259.
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“On a Controversy Regarding Expected Utility and Risk Aversion: Individuals Accept Small Gambles”
Joint with Roberto Serrano and Oscar Volij.
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“Favoritism Under Social Pressure”
Joint with Luis Garicano and Canice Prendergast
Review of Economics and Statistics, vol. 87(2), May 2005, pp. 208-216.
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“The Measurement of Intellectual Influence”

Joint with Oscar Volij.
Econometrica, vol. 72(3), May 2004, pp. 963-977 pdf | pdf

“The Provision of Incentives in Durable Goods Firms”

Joint with Ana I. Saracho

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“A Theory of Markets, Institutions, and Endogenous Preferences”

Joint with Tano J. Santos.

Journal of Public Economics, vol. 88(3-4), March 2004, pp. 601-627.

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“Consistent Intertemporal Decision Making Through Memory and Anticipation”

In Collected Essays in Psychology and Economics: Reasons and Choices,

edited by I. Brocas and J. Carrillo, Oxford University Press, 2004, pp. 67-80.

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“Structural Changes During a Century of the World’s Most Popular Sport”

Statistical Methods and Applications, vol. 13(2), 2004, pp. 241-258.

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“Multiple Addictions”

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“An Empirical Analysis of the Risk Properties of Human Capital Returns”

American Economic Review, vol. 93(3), June 2003, pp. 948-964.

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“Professionals Play Minimax”

Review of Economic Studies, vol. 70(2), April 2003, pp. 395-415.

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“Time Inconsistent Discounting in Adam Smith and David Hume”

History of Political Economy, vol. 35(2), Summer 2003, pp. 241-268.

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“The Robustness of the Conditional CAPM with Human Capital”

Journal of Financial Econometrics, vol. 1(2), Summer 2003, pp. 272-289.

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Learning to Open Monty Hall’s Doors”

Experimental Economics, vol. 6(3), November 2003, pp. 235-251.

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“The Human Capital of Stockholders and the International Diversification Puzzle”

Journal of International Economics, vol. 54(2), August 2001, pp. 309-331.

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“The Aversion to the Sequential Resolution of the Uncertainty”

Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, vol. 8, October 1999, pp. 249-269.

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Book Reviews

Book review of “Transatlantic Sport: The Comparative Economics of North American and European Sports” edited by Carlos P. Barros, Muradali Ibrahim, and Stefan Szymanski, in Economic Journal, February 2004, F168-F170.

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Book review of “Determinants of Economic Growth,” by Robert J. Barro, Journal of International Economics 44, April 1998, pp. 365-373.

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Book review of “Not Just for the Money: An Economic Theory of Personal Motivation,” by Bruno Frey in Journal of Economic Literature, June 1998, pp. 941-942.

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